We at BATALA STEEL believe that Quality is not just a manufacturing specification but it is something which is to be internalized. We measure customer satisfaction above all and endeavor to achieve it by maintaining the quality standards in products we deliver.

For this we have a well equipped quality lab with latest testing facilities. We conduct various chemical and mechanical tests to ensure the required specification. The testing is done under our proficient and diligence staff. The quality department promptly reports the feedback to the production department and thus ensures that every single product produced is of top quality.

Quality Policy
       The Company is committed to:
  • Ensure maximum customer satisfaction by maintaining the consistency in quality.
  • Respond innovatively and competitively to the changing needs of our customers through     persistently adapting new technologies with the same excellence.
  • Fulfill its legal and statutory obligations and international standards.
  • Involve manufacturing processes that are environment friendly

  • BATALA STEEL Sales Offices:
           Currently, batala Steel has two main customer dealing sales offices and different go        downs/warehouses in Badami Bagh, Lahore that is believed to be the largest steel market of the        country.

    Testing Facilities
           The physical testing laboratory at batala steel is equipped with modern testing equipment,        wellmaintained and regularly calibrated by reputed agencies including Engineering University        Lahore. The laboratory is capable of performing several requisite tests on mild steel manufactured.        Frequent tests are performed for each heat / lot on in-coming, in-process and final dispatch stage.        Apart from the usual physical testing laboratory, batala steel is the only steel industry in Pakistan to        have the chemical testing facilities through most advanced but expensive - Spectrolab.

           This enables the company to apply comprehensive quality control measures at input, in process and        final stage. Installed with latest and modern testing equipment, chemical and physical testing        laboratories of batala steel are taken at par with any internationally recognized testing laboratory

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