• Mian Ahmed Hassan (Chairman)

  • Hafiz Muhammad Shoaib

  • Mian Muhammad Tahir

  • Mian Muhammad Tayyab

  • Mian Ilyas Saeed

  • Mian Farooq Hassan

Message from the CEO

Batala Steel IndustriesWe are honored that you, our client and future clients, have entrusted us to fulfull your business and development needs.As one of the oldest, most established companies in the Steel Industry we strive daily to maintain the quality of our products.
We are always looking for new technologies to make the production of our steel not only the best in the global market, but also the best buy as compared to its superior standard. Our manufacturing techniques, from machines to final product are carefully inspected and tested to produce the finest quality steel products. We do this so that you have the peace of mind knowing that Batala Steel is the number one trusted name in Steel Production.
Our staff is our strongest asset. Thus our effort is to maintain that special asset. We are heavily invested in training our people to the latest production techniques and on the most efficient manufacturing equipment, while keeping their safety at the forefront of our endeavour.
And while we are still a growing nation, with development and engineering ongoing as we speak, we are always conscious of environmental concerns. With Global warming and Green house gas emissions that hurt the environment being spewed by the industrialized west, Batala Steel is taking measures to ensure the purity of the environment as much as possible.
So rest assured that the Name of Batala Steel is synonymous with Integrity, quality and commitment to perfection in the Global Steel Industry. We value our clients and customers, and are bound by a promise to quality service, to surpass our best efforts on a daily basis to bring you high grades steel that surpasses all others, across the world.
Our products speak for themselves, and in volumes. Commit to a partnership with Batala Steel for all your Construction and development needs. Our product never fails to impress.

Mission Statement

At Batala Steel our top priority has always been the manufacturing of a top quality product that meets international standards, giving the label "Made in Pakistan" the honor and dignity that is commands. We pride ourselves on the production of an excellent steel product that is unmatched in Pakistan, a product that is favoured by our loyal customers in Pakistan and across the world.
With trainings and seminars to keep our employees at par with international industry standards, and competitive pricing to stay competitive with the market, our aim for the future is to make sure that Batala Steel remains a front-runner in the steel industry.

Corporate Vision

As our forefathers laid down a foundation of solid business practices upon which to build a future for generations to come, our vision at batala steel is principled in the same way.
When this nation was born, Batala Steel was an inherent factor in development of infrastructure and transportation, helping bridge the new nation and keep it together as a single cohesive unit.
In the 21st century, Batala Steel sees itself as the foundation of all rural development in Pakistan. As our nations' furthest recesses continue to industrialize and mature, Batala Steel finds itself at the core of all the upcoming groundbreaking development.
Batala Steel is committed to the prosperity and growth of this nation and as such will lend itself to further that commitment. Generations of the Batala Steel Corporate Family will stand buy and build this nation to greatness.